Regarding kid's smart watches, its function is designed for children. Both include multiple positioning, two-way conversation, help, smart anti-lost, pedometer and other functions. It can ensure the safety of children and at the same time create a safe environment for children to grow up.


The functions of children's smart watches are as follows:

1. Make and receive calls: Children can dial bai's mom and dad** phone via shortcut keys (long press for 3 seconds), and can also set family numbers to call each other;

2. Children's positioning: parents can always call Use your mobile phone or computer anywhere to find your child's location. The product uses GPS and base station dual positioning, and the accuracy can be within 10 meters in outdoor situations;

3. Callback monitoring: Mom and dad can implement the callback monitoring function through the APP to instantly understand the situation of the child's environment;

4. Shield the outside world Information and harassment: block all unfamiliar phone access other than family numbers to prevent children from being abducted and deceived;

5. Do not disturb function: It can be set during a certain period of time that the child machine cannot perform any operation, and any number cannot be dialed or entered. Effectively avoid the troubles caused by mobile phones to teachers in the classroom;

6. Electronic fence: You can delineate areas on the mobile phone map, such as school, home, etc., when children enter and leave this area, parents’ mobile phones will receive SMS alarms. In order to grasp the child’s schooling situation, ensure safety, and facilitate management;

7. SOS one-key rescue: the child long presses the SOS button for 5 seconds, and the parent’s mobile phone will receive the SOS distress message after 3 seconds. The message contains the distress time and specific location. , And automatically activate the callback monitoring function in about 10 seconds, so that parents can hear the sounds around the child and accurately understand what kind of dangerous situation the child encounters;

8. Track query: It can provide the child's movement within a certain period of time Location, through real-time positioning, you can understand the child's moving direction in unexpected situations.

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